Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How to find support for postpartum depression?

It becomes very difficult to explain to people that you are depressed right after having a baby. People would be shocked and might even wonder what is wrong with you. You, yourself, might wonder what is happening. But every fourth new mother has reported suffering from 'baby blues' or postpartum depression. Finding support in such a situation could be difficult. But it is not that only women suffer postpartum depression. Few men too have reported to have got the 'baby blues'.

Postpartum depression strikes usually when least expected – just a few days after having the baby. On the one side parents are just so thrilled to have a new person in their family. On the other, postpartum depression makes them develop a dislike for themselves, even the baby and everything around. Feelings of inadequacy and extreme dullness during this period are normal. Patients might begin with simple feelings of depression and frustration. Dismissing these symptoms could make the feelings get worse leading to even thoughts of suicide. This is when new mothers need the most support. If untreated, the condition could worsen and last for several months or even years. It could become postpartum psychosis requiring urgent medical help.

As of now, doctors are able to support women suffering from postpartum depression only with muscle relaxants, anti-depressants and hormonal therapy. Neither of these seems to be a very good idea with the patient in the process of breastfeeding the baby.

True support and cure for patients of postpartum depression comes from natural healing options. These should be combined with a holistic approach including family support.

There are several nice support groups and blogs online too. You could connect with women from across America who have suffered from postpartum depression and even make friends. Finding solutions, help with holistic and natural cures for the symptoms of postpartum depression (PPD) is all quite easy if you go online. Interacting with other new mothers in special blogs and discussion groups could be way more helpful than sitting back and wondering.

Try and involve your spouse too in the healing process. Your spouse's support is vital when it comes to postpartum depression. Do not wait for others to help you but reach out for support from family members also.

Even though you might not try the regular drugs prescribed for postpartum depression, do not forget to discuss the situation with your doctor. Also discuss with your doctor the herbal or natural cure that you want to try for your postpartum depression. If you check online groups you would also find other women who have used similar natural remedies and you would be able to discuss your fears with them also.

Doctors do recommend psychiatric therapy for postpartum depression. You might not take the drugs but if you feel comfortable about therapy sessions you could try some for support. But remember the key to handling postpartum depression is a natural remedy along with a properly designed diet and exercise routine. That's all the support you really need to beat the 'baby blues'.






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