Saturday, 24 December 2011

Changing Your Eating Desires Using Hypnosis

Here’s an experience you’re probably familiar with… You have a burning desire to lose weight and you’ve committed to a new diet, but chocolate bars and potato chips are now the foods you are craving the most, and the craving to eat these foods is stronger than it has ever been.

This is what makes it so hard to commit to a new diet. How can you maintain a healthy eating plan when the temptations to eat fatty foods are so strong?

This is where losing weight can be become such a struggle. With it being so difficult to fight off temptation, it becomes almost impossible to stick to a diet successfully. To add to this, the stress it puts you under makes the dieting idea seem like too much to handle. This makes you want to give up all together.

To conquer cravings successfully, it’s good to understand why they exist, and how you can go about eliminating them.

When you start a new diet and eliminate fatty foods, your body will not be used to it. If you’ve been eating unhealthily for a long time, your body will have gotten used to your eating patterns and will expect them to stay the same.

But it goes deeper than just a bodily craving – these eating patterns are also expected from you at a subconscious level. Your subconscious will have learned that your unhealthy eating patterns are normal, and thus it will resist if you try to make changes.

This is where dieting becomes too much for some people. Something deep within them is giving them such a strong urge to eat all the wrong things.

So, one of the secrets to losing weight successfully is to change your desires. It doesn’t matter how good of a diet plan or how much will-power you have, if you can fight off the desire to eat fatty foods, you won’t have much chance of being successful.

Imagine if the thought of eating vegetables gave you the same feeling that you currently get from the thought of eating a chocolate bar. Wouldn’t that make weight loss a whole lot easier?!

Well, this is the goal of hypnosis. The cravings to eat fatty foods usually have nothing to do with our conscious minds. Even though you know logically that eating fatty foods is a bad idea, you still have a very strong urge to do so.

This is because the craving starts on a subconscious level. By bypassing the conscious mind and communicating directly with the subconscious, hypnosis can help you break the desire to eat unhealthy foods.

By communicating with the subconscious, hypnosis can alter your inner desires. If like many people you have constant thoughts like “giving up fatty foods is hard”, it’s going to be very difficult to stick to a healthy diet plan. Hypnotic suggestions implant new ideas into your subconscious, such as “you are forgetting about your old eating habits” or “you have a strong urge to eat healthy foods”.

After constant repetition, your subconscious will begin to believe these suggestions and this will be reflected in your eating habits and desires.

If you have an internal struggle on the inside and you are constantly filled with doubts, it makes losing weight 100 times harder. Hypnosis can be the key to transforming unhealthy desires into healthy desires and making weight loss a whole lot easier.


  • Your desires to eat fatty foods are based on deep unconscious habits
  • Attempting to change your habits will be met by resistance from the subconscious mind
  • Changing your desires is key to improving your chances of successful weight loss
  • Hypnosis communicates with your subconscious and transforms negative desires into positive desires



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