Monday, 31 October 2011

Affiliate Extreme System

If you've ever wondered why some affiliates struggle to even get by, and yet others rake in millions of dollars per year, then you better read on.

Before sharing my background story with you, I want to give you something that you can go and do right now to earn extra commissions online...
Here's a tip for affiliates who want to dominate Pay Per Click affiliate marketing:

Make sure that in the campaign settings in Google Adwords (or Yahoo or MSN or whatever PPC advertising network you are with) that you only target countries that are likely to be profitable for you.

I've seen numerous affiliates come to me and tell me that they are only breaking even from their Pay Per Click affiliate marketing, only to turn it all around by only having their ads displayed on the following countries:

    * USA
    * Canada
    * Australia
    * New Zealand
    * UK
    * South Africa
    * Ireland
    * And any other countries you think will be profitable to you.

Countries that often click but also often don't buy and (hence suck your cash) include:

    * India
    * The Philippines
    * And many mroe

Here's a tip for those of you who are trying to make money by setting up free article sites:

Make sure that you have your affiliate offer mentioned at least twice inside your first fold of each of your articles. See the diagram below, and note items 1 and 2:
This method has been tested to be highly optimal for affiliate sale conversions. I've seen so many affiliates get visitors to their website and not make as many sales as they should due to violating the layout fundamentals above, so try to organize your article sites to ensure that you at the very least include 2. and 3 Above.
Want more? Don't understand what I'm talking about above?

It doesn't matter. Those were just a couple of quick tips to get you started, but I've got a step-by-step course for you that teaches you all of this and dozens more strategies. It starts from basics and takes you right through to advanced Super Affiliate earning extreme commissions.

But first...


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